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Moving Server Equipment requires planning, special insurances and is high risk. Our technicians are experts in moving Data Centers, Servers, and Racks.

We invite you to request a free proposal. This is the best way to relocate your data center easily and without risk!

Why choose us

Highly Specialized

We are experts in understanding your expectations. We have developed efficient migration protocols to run a smooth and efficient migration.

Your peace of mind is our priority

You are covered! We are a professional team with specialty insurance to cover the risks of the development and implementation of your migration from start to finish.

We work so that you don't have to

We work so that you and your staff can stay focused and conflict-free when it comes to migrating your server equipment.

About us

Our expert teams are able to deal with any server equipment relocation across the street or across the nation.

We organize, label, and track everything we move so that the process proceeds smoothly. From de/re-racking, packing and secure transportation. This requires extensive experience in planning, packaging, labeling, and knowing-how.

We label it all

We protect your equipment

We provide you with a professional team

Our clients talk about us

What can we do for you?

Here are the steps that we are going to follow to execute the relocation of your data center

We take care of most of the heavy work of relocating your data center. These are some steps that we must follow to successfully execute the relocation of your data center.

Assignment of a dedicated Project Manager

We plan your project according to your requirements and specifications

Document and Verify Insurance and Warranties

Implement any special requirements

No subs or 3rd parties are employed by Server Movers

We have 23 years’ experience!

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