Data Center Decommissioning

Nationwide Data Center Decommissioning Services

Server Movers offers the convenience of working with a single experienced vendor in Decommissioning your Data Center equipment.

We service:

– Co-locations
– Server Rooms
– Corporate Data Centers

Data Center Decommissioning may happen for a number of reasons such as:

– Replacing IT equipment that has run its useful life-cycle
– Upgrading infrastructure to improve costs and efficiency
– Migrating to a new data center, co-location or office space
– Consolidating data center properties

For years, Server Movers has helped companies manage the decommissioning and removal of data center equipment. Data Center Decommissioning should be done by experienced IT professionals who have the expertise and partners available to provide you with the necessary solutions such as:

1. Audits & Inventory
2. De-Cabling, De-Wiring and Equipment De-Installation
3. On Site Hard Drive Destruction
4. Secure Packing and Transport
5. Clean up Services
6. Asset Disposition
7. Recycling Services if Required
8. Certification of Work Performed

Keep in mind that a crew that is not experienced in data center decommissioning is an unnecessary and expensive liability.

Initially, Server Movers will provide you with a seasoned project manager that will help you devise a comprehensive decommissioning plan for your data center, co-location or offices. Close coordination in this initial aspect of the Data Center Decommissioning is important.

You may be maintaining multiple data centers or running inefficient or aged equipment which is in both events time consuming and costly. Server Movers, with twenty years of data center experience provides you expert, secure data center decommissioning services.

Server Movers routinely decommissions servers, racks, SAN’s, network gear, cabling, telecom and end user equipment.

Server Movers simplifies the data center decommissioning process by handling the entire process for you

Server Movers is a trusted partner to more than 1000 companies. Small business to Fortune 500 companies. Our clients have the confidence and trust that the projects we do for them will be done professionally, securely and correctly the first time.

We serve:

  • Data Centers
  • Co-Locations
  • Server Centers
  • Businesses Large or Small
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Healthcare Centers & Hospitals
  • Banking &Financial Institutions
  • Technology Industries

We offer:

  • Full-service end to end data center decommissioning services
  • Data center de-wiring and de-cabling
  • Equipment auditing and serialization
  • Equipment packaging and secure transport
  • Equipment de-racking
  • Data center equipment recycling &recovery
  • Remove ancillary equipment – docking stations, UPS, keyboards, mice
  • Deinstall racks, rail kits, power cords, cabinets
  • Onsite hard drive destruction services with certifications
  • Site clean up