Integrity and customer service are core values within our organization.

Data Center Movers understands that server moves, IT moves and data center relocations vary. We operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day on site.


We are specialists in the moving of expensive IT equipment. The cost will vary on any relocation taking many factors into consideration. Examples are scope, time, insurance requirements, and logistics involved.


We are highly insured including liability and cargo insurance. We can offer you a personalized COI at any point when working with you.


We can offer you as simple of a solution as required by the scope of your needs or we can also offer turnkey project moving management, hardware removal and re-installation, packaging, relocation and solutions of the most complex scope.


Unlike “furniture movers”, we have special insurances for your equipment and each of our employees are highly trained in moving and handling expensive and sensitive IT equipment.


No, never. Your relocation is handled by Data Center Movers from start to completion.


Yes. All of our employees have passed deep screening; have a clean history, clean driving record, and personal references.