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CWS Server Movers has been moving and relocating IT equipment for over 23 years. Our crews are professional IT equipment movers, who are highly trained in moving your high-value IT equipment securely and safely.

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Large or small. Local or national. The CWS Server Movers staff is professional, dependable, knowledgeable and courteous. In addition, we pride ourselves on being agile, proactive, and responsive. Integrity and customer service are treasured values within our organization.

Flexible and customizable

To meet your unique requirements regardless of the challenges of your particular IT move. CWS can disconnect, reconnect, de/re-rack, package, and provide direct secure transport services.

Team of highly qualified and dedicated staff

Our team of highly qualified and dedicated personnel will provide you unparalleled peace of service, mind, and value. Whether you are moving across the hall, across the street, or across the nation, CWS Server Movers is your trusted, premier IT equipment moving vendor and partner.

Large or small projects

Local or national relocations

Professional, dependable, knowledgeable and courteous team

Agile, proactive, and responsive

Integrity and high-standard customer service

Unparalleled peace of service, mind and value


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IT Equipment Movers Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! All quotes and services are customized to your requirements. Our IT professionals are always ready to de-rack or remove equipment from racks at the origin as your needs require. We can also re-rack at the destination location. Most server equipment is expensive for IT Equipment Movers and sophisticated and needs to be handedly carefully and precisely. Our IT technicians are well trained to de/re-install any IT equipment during your relocation project.

Yes. We have high value, multiple specialty insurances that protect you server and IT equipment.

No, never. Your entire move is handles by Server Movers. All personnel are employed by server movers including technicians, packers and drivers.

Server Movers was established 18 years ago, since then, we have been providing server moving services successfully all around the USA. We are the leading IT equipment movers nationwide.

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